Gachi Maya


About Gachi Maya
Gachi Maya is a heart-warming story about a community of farmers who lovingly produce ingredients for a famous cat-shaped tower. The Tower is a 6-tiered restaurant and television station where hand-picked chefs from around the world showcase their specialty cooking. The Powers That Be are very generous and feed the farmers for free in exchange for their hard work. Once a year the Tower goes through an audit to ensure that the food meets the high standards it deserves. This year, one very special member of the farming community will accompany the auditors and get a first-hand look of what it's like inside the exclusive Tower.

Technical Details
Gachi Maya is drawn and colored with Manga Studio 5 and adjusted in Photoshop CS5. The font is an original hand-lettered font face. This website was hand crafted from scratch using KirbyCMS. The background pattern is from Subtle Patterns.

About the Author
Sarah O'Donnell is a Tokyo-based comic artist and UI/UX developer. Her work can be seen in the successfully Kickstarted Hana Doki Kira and Red Stylo Media's Killer Queen anthology. Feel free to send her email here.